When the fog lifted

When the fog lifted, I saw
      the oozing hot blistering virus slime
        hesitatingly withdraw from its feast
      bodies distorted in pain and in terror
        sticking bubonic limbs in bizarre contortion
        out of the foul swamp towards heaven
      gaping mouths pleading
        for a last sip of life-sustaining air
        caught nothing but poison and stink
      one rosy cheek - now peeling black patches
        of shriveled skin
        oh, woman, where hath thy beauty gone!
      and fat bellies, eager to pop at a touch
        to splatter their insides out in disorder

When the fog lifted, I felt
      the power recede
      and the dragon retreat
      to coil up in its layer

      my hands sank down
      peace settled
      and quiet

When the fog lifted, I knew
      I had gotten even.

(October 7, 1992)